A Guide for Couples and Individuals in the 21st Century...

We demand a lot from our relationships these days: We want a life partner and equal as well as a passionate lover. We want nothing less than a best friend, lifelong love, romance, and great sex—and such an expectation is a fairly new phenomenon in relationship history.

Are we setting ourselves up for disappointment by demanding too much? We’re most definitely not, says Terry Real. Lifelong love is within the reach of any couple willing to learn a few basic skills, skills for imbuing your love relationship with a quality Terry calls fierce intimacy.

In this excerpt from the workshop, Terry talks about
The Four Steps of the Feedback Wheel
This workshop will give you the skill set that will enable you to imbue your relationship with fierce intimacy. You’ll learn how to tell the truth to your partner with love, unafraid of the challenge. You’ll learn how to cherish your partner while standing up firmly for your own needs. And you will learn how to keep passion alive through radical honesty and deep emotional engagement.
You will also learn practical techniques for:
Identifying and articulating your deepest needs to each other
Standing up for yourself and loving your partner at the same time
Moving into relational empowerment that engenders success for both you and your partner
Mastering the art of relational ju-jitsu, responding fairly with play and generosity to whatever comes your way in the relationship
Reviving or augmenting the passion in your relationship
Connecting at a deep, emotional, authentic level

A Complete Experience in

Eight Modules:

Module One:
Introduction to Relational Living

• Setting the Intention

• Changes in Gender Roles

Module Two:
Relational Mindfulness

• The Two Conciousnesses

• Adaptive Child vs Functional Adult 

• The Nature of Relationships

Module Three:
Losing Strategies of the Adaptive Child

• The Five Losing Strategies

• Losing Strategy Profile: Exercise and Discussion

Module Four:
Self Esteem

• Introduction to Self Esteem

• Healthy vs. Unhealthy Self Esteem

• Inside-out vs. Outside-In

• Grandiosity and Toxic Shame

• Intervening with Unhealthy Self Esteem

Module Five:

• Components of the Internal Boundary

• Unhealthy Boundaries

• Boundary Visualization

Module Six:
The Relationship Grid

• The Four Quadrants

• Quadrant Exercise and Discussion

Module Seven:
Winning Strategies of the Functional Adult

• Telling the Truth with Love

• Moving from Complaints to Requests

Module Eight:
The Repair Process

• The Four Steps of the Feedback Wheel

• Using the Feedback Wheel: Demo

• Using the Feedback Wheel: Exercise and Discussion

• How to Respond

• How to Respond: Demo

• Appreciation and Cherishing

Truth is, intimacy has the power to break and remake us – healing our deepest wounds. But not the way we think. This workshop teaches you how to leverage your relationship to work on, even transform, yourself. Because we all marry our unfinished business – and that’s a potential blessing.  — Terry Real
What you get:
Stay in Love online workshop in Eight accessible modules
All of Terry's slides plus worksheets with personal and couples' relationship exercises
Fully downloadable video, audio, and transcription of each module
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Terry Real, LICSW,
is the bestselling author of I Don't Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression, the straight-talking How Can I Get Through to You? Reconnecting Men and Women, and most recently The New Rules of Marriage: What You Need to Make Love Work. Terry knows how to lead couples on a step-by-step journey to greater intimacy—and greater personal fulfillment. He founded the Relational Life Institute, offering workshops for couples, individuals, and parents as well as a professional training program for clinicians. Terry's work, with its rigorous commonsense approach, speaks to both men and women. A proponent of "full-throttle marriage," Terry has been called "the most innovative voice in thinking about and treating men and their relationships in the world today."